Belly Bone
  • Belly Bone

Belly Bone

A delicious beef tripe roll inside a genuine Nordic beef chew!



Did you know?


Belly Bone is the crème de la crème of dog chews! Belly Bone’s super delicious belly will charm even the fussiest pooch!

Made from beef hide and beef tripe, and dried using a traditional method.

RAUH! dog chews are handmade in Finland from only the best-quality ingredients. Our manufacturing process is designed from start to finish for manufacturing dog chews and other snacks for dogs, to guarantee the best for your pet!

RAUH! dog chews are always made from a single piece of hide using a traditional drying method, SINCE 1989!

- RAUH! products are 100% handmade in Finland.
- Bacteriologically clean.
- Tested and safe.
- Removes plaque and prevents gingivitis.
- A tasty and delicious activity for dogs.
- Light, low calorie content.

The Genuine and original Key Flag product! Always supervise your dog with dog chews and make sure that fresh water is available.
Store in a dry place at room temperature.


Chew hide: Crude protein 87.2%, Crude fat 1.6%, Moisture 6.2%
Beef tripe roll: Crude protein 36.6 %, Crude fat 30.3 %, Moisture 3.1 %


approx. 190 g


approx. 220 mm


approx. 50 mm


approx. 35 mm

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