Moose hide dog chews

RAUH! Our moose dog chews are made from 100% genuine Nordic moose hide.  The moose (Alces alces) is a natural wild animal whose diet is unaffected by humans. Our moose hide dog chew is a real natural product and doesn't contain any allergens, making it suitable for dogs with allergies. We also use the most expensive and durable part of the hide, the upper layer, in our moose hide dog chews. This is what gives the dog chew its unique appearance and excellent durability. No artificial colours or additives are used in the manufacture of RAUH! dog chews, and we produce the chews in production facilities monitored by the Finnish Food Authority. 


RAUH! moose hide dog chews have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol. We manufacture the chews at Europe’s only factory that specialises in dog chews, in Loimaa, Finland.



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