Our story

Aristo Oy manufactures Finnish dog chews and treats under the RAUH! brand. Our products are Finnish key flag products and we manufacture them by hand at our specialist dog chew factory in Loimaa.


A satisfied customer is both our aim and the key to our success. We want to be the best in the industry, so we emphasise Finnish manufacturing and quality in our products to give your pets the very best.  Our quality control approves only the best raw materials for production, thereby ensuring a safe and delicious product for your pet.

The Nutriment Company

Since 2022 we are a part of The Nutriment Company (formerly Voff).


With strong brands loved across the continent, The Nutriment Company is Europe's leading provider of natural premium pet nutrition, serving conscious pet owners whatever their budget.


From raw food in all forms, complemented by natural tasty treats and chews, as well as natural supplements, each of our brands has one thing in common: a total commitment to absolute quality.


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